Welcome to the new Badminton America Leagues


Leagues are a great way to play with your friends competitively or recreationally against other local teams from around the area. Leagues provide all the action-packed play of a tournament without waiting for your next match to be called, or having to spend your whole weekend from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon waiting in a gym for a few games. In a tournament you may play a few matches per event, but in leagues you will play up to 24 matches in a six week season, and the top teams will battle in the playoffs for the League Championship!

Our goal with the new Badminton America Leagues is to provide a professional setting for new players and experienced competitors to compete and promote a team-centric community. Currently all league matches will be hosted at the state-of-the-art HARBOUR POINTE BADMINTON CLUB facility and will use Badminton America’s online ratings software to record the results and generate player ratings to be used in future leagues.



Our Fall Leagues will have a Corporate Division where you and your co-workers form teams and compete against other corporate teams (5 players minimum). Given many folks have busy schedules and might not be able to make all the weeks for the league, you can add extra players to your roster to make sure you have at least 5 players each week.

The six-week season will consist of ‘ties’ which are a series of matches one team plays against another. The winning team of each tie is the one that wins the most matches. The Corporate Division will play 5 matches. All matches will be ‘open doubles,’ meaning any gender combination is allowed. In each tie every doubles team must be unique, meaning if Player A is paired with Player B, Player A must play with Player X next match. Each week teams will play two ties so everyone will get to play plenty of games each week.

The top teams will advance to the playoffs and play for the League Championship in the final week. The playoffs will be a semi-final feeding into a final and a third-place match.


Building Your Team

When joining a league you have a few options; create a team, join an existing team, or join as an individual “solo” with no team (yet). If you create a team you will be the Team Captain for that team and be responsible for recruiting teammates, payment, submitting weekly rosters, and choosing the color of your team’s free dry-fit t-shirts! Choose your teammates wisely as they will need to be committed for the season. When joining a team you must communicate with your team captain as they must put you on the roster, AND you must sign up for that specific team upon registration. When joining solo the league admin will either put you on a team, or if there is no space you may become an alternate in case other teams will need a substitute during a given week of the season.

To get started, the basic details of the available leagues are listed below…


Corporate League
  • Team:                   Co-ed; minimum 5 players, maximum 7 players
  • Duration:             2 ties, 5 matches per tie, 2:30 (up to 28 matches per player per season!)
  • Schedule:             Sundays from 10am-4pm, October 1-November 5, Playoffs November 12 (top four teams qualify)
  • Price:                    $575 per team. Must register by 11:59pm Sunday, September 24
  • Notes:                   Feather shuttles provided for all league matches. Free shirt provided with entry. Great for team bonding, company-sponsored fitness programs, and (“most importantly”) having bragging rights over the other corporations. All team members of this league must be able to show proof of employment within the past 12 months or be a retired alum. Ask your company about reimbursing your payment for the Corporate League as many companies reimburse fitness and wellness activities for employees.

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Free T-shirt provided to all players

Create a Team I am the Team Captain

  • $575/team
  • Reimbursement available for some corporations
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Join a Team Team has a Captain

  • Reimburse team captain for payment
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Join as Solo Player I need a team

  • $115 if added to a team
  • or $15 +$17/week as a substitute
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League FAQ

If you have a question that is still unanswered after reading the Terms and Conditions, Rules and Regulations, and the FAQ, please send the league admin an email at curtis@harbourpointebc.com